How to Clean Gua Sha Tool

How to Clean Your Gua Sha Tool: A Detailed, Step-by-Step Guide

Gua Sha, an ancient Chinese therapy practice is taking the beauty industry by storm with promises of all sorts of benefits, from better skin texture and less inflammation. These positive effects are largely dependent on the quality and longevity of the Gua Sha tool, prompting the question of how to clean Gua Sha.

Dive into this article because we’re unveiling the essential steps to maintain the efficacy and prolong the life of your precious Gua Sha tool, ensuring you reap all its beauty benefits for years to come.

Why is Cleaning Gua Sha Important?

Maintaining clean your Gua Sha tool clean not only prolongs its lifespan but also stops the growth of bacteria that could affect your skin. In addition, a clean Gua Sha tool is more efficient in delivering the relaxing and healing effects that it is famous for.

Materials Needed for Cleaning Gua Sha

The process of cleaning is easy and only requires a couple of things from your home:

  • Natural or mild dish soap soap
  • Warm water
  • Soft, clean cloth or towel
  • A small bowl

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The Basic Steps: How to Clean Gua Sha

Step 1: Prepare Your Cleaning Solution

In your bowl, mix warm water and the addition of a few drops of gentle dish soap. Warm water will kill bacteria while the soap will eliminate residues and oils from the gua sha device. Avoid aggressive chemicals or materials to avoid harming the stone.

Step 2: Soak Your Gua Sha Tool

Immerse your gua sha devise in the solution that you prepared. Allow it to soak for approximately 15 minutes to make sure the stubborn residues are removed. But, do not let it sit for too long since it could harm the stone.

Step 3: Gentle Cleaning

After you have soaked in the water, take your hands or the delicate cloth to clean this tool. Make sure to pay close focus on those edges as well as grooves in which the residues could get caught.

Step 4: Rinse and Dry

Cleanse your tools under warm water. Make sure that soap residues have been thoroughly washed off. After that, rub it dry using an absorbent, clean cloth. It should be allowed to air dry prior to storing it so that there is no accumulation of moisture.

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How Often Should You Clean Your Gua Sha Tool?

To ensure optimal hygiene, it’s recommended to wash your gua sha tool after each use. This keeps your instrument free of product residues and skin oils and provides a clean surface for the next time you use it.

Storing Your Gua Sha Tool

Proper storage for your Gua sha tool is essential to ensure its long-term durability and efficiency. Store your device in an air-tight, dry, and safe place away from harsh sunlight or extreme temperatures. You can utilize a soft bag or box to store your tools.

Additional Tips

  • Make sure to use a gentle touch when cleaning your gua sha tools to avoid damaging or scratching the stone.
  • Avoid using extremely hot water or place the device inside the dishwasher. Extreme temperatures could cause cracks in the stone.
  • Don’t use the gua sha device with other people without proper cleaning. Sharing could result in the spread of germs and possible skin issues.
  • There are many variations of Gua Sha tools that are identical. They are made of rose quartz, jade, bian stone, or even metal. Each type of material comes with its own particular cleaning specifications. Always consult the manufacturer’s guidelines prior to beginning the cleaning procedure.
  • Alongside cleaning, it is also important to occasionally disinfect your Gua Sha tool. This can be done by wiping it clean using alcohol wipes or by soaking it in a mixture comprising warm water with a disinfectant.

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Can I clean my Gua Sha tool with just water?

While rinsing your Gua Sha tool with water is part of the cleaning process, it’s not enough on its own. You should also use a mild soap or cleaning agent to remove oils and other residues.

Can a dirty Gua Sha tool harm my skin?

Yes. A dirty Gua Sha tool can harbor bacteria, which can cause breakouts, infections, and other skin issues when in contact with your skin.

What can I do if my Gua Sha tool breaks?

If your Gua Sha tool breaks or gets damaged, avoid using it on your skin to prevent potential injury. It’s best to replace a broken tool immediately.

Can I soak my gua sha in water overnight?

No, you should avoid soaking your gua sha for prolonged periods as it can cause the tool to crack or break.

Can I clean my gua sha with alcohol?

While you can use alcohol to disinfect your gua sha occasionally, it’s not recommended for regular use as it can damage the tool.


Understanding how to clean Gua Sha tools is crucial in ensuring the tool’s efficiency and maintaining the health of your skin. With our comprehensive guide, we hope you’re now fully equipped to take the best care of your Gua Sha tool, reaping its beauty benefits for a longer time.

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